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Warning: this assignment is out of date. It may still need to be updated for this year's class. Check with your instructor before you start working on this assignment.
This assignment is due on Tuesday, February 15, 2022 at 11:59PM EST.
You can download the materials for this assignment here:

Homework 3: Plot Graph Generation


In the paper Crowdsourcing Narrative Intelligence, Li et al. created the Scheherazade algorithm to generate plot graphs from a collection of crowdsourced stories. Head over to the Colab Notebook for more information on what you’ll be doing.

What to Submit

  1. An IPython notebook called HW3-plot.ipynb that runs your plot graph implementation.
  2. A document (doc/docx, txt, pdf) that has your answers to the questions found at the end of the notebook.
  3. Two graph files: one named plotgraph.html that is your final (initialized, pruned, & improved) plot graph using your clusters, one named gold.html using the clusters from Part 2.

If you decide to do the extra credit, please submit a file for that graph as well: ec.html. You may include your answers to the questions in your document under a section labeled “Extra Credit”.

Submissions should be done on Gradescope.


  • Implementation of the Scheherazade algorithm - 15 points
  • Answers to questions - 10 points
  • Graph files - 5 points
  • Extra Credit - 5 points

Required Reading