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Warning: this assignment is out of date. It may still need to be updated for this year's class. Check with your instructor before you start working on this assignment.
This assignment is due on Thursday, April 9, 2020 before 01:30PM.

Homework 6: Project Milestone 2

For the first milestone, you should finish some of the work for your project and write up your preliminary method and results. In particular you should work on the following:

  • Make progress on the suggested next steps we left for you on your project proposal.
  • Finish collecting any datasets that you need and make sure they are in a format that you know how to process.
  • If your project involves doing text parsing with tools like AllenNLP, do some experiments to see whether the parsing you want to do is feasible.
  • If your project involves training/fine-tuning a neural network, try training some preliminary models and observing the outputs.
  • If your project involves a user experience of some sort, create a real mock-up of the user interface (even if it’s not fully functional/feature-complete yet).

Attempt to answer a research question about text generation or interactive fiction

Create a new document which describes the progress you’ve made so far. Feel free to copy from your project proposal where appropriate. Your document should include the following sections:

  1. Project Description: This should explain the main idea of your project and what you are trying to accomplish. If these have changed sincde the project proposal, this section should reflect those changes.
  2. Related work: What previous research will you be using, building off of, or inspired by? Give pointers to relevant research papers and websites.
  3. Method: What are the steps to accomplish your project. This should describe both the steps you’ve done so far and the ones you plan to do.
  4. Data: What data have you decided to use? What does it look like, and what are some potential problems with it?
  5. Evaluation: What methodologies will you be using to evaluate the research question you are answering or that the components of your interactive experience are working well?
    • These can be things like accuracy, diversity metrics, BLEU score, success rate, human evaluate scores, etc. depending on your project.
  6. Preliminary Results: Describe any results you have so far. These can include results for intermediate steps that build toward your main project goal. If you haven’t gotten anything working succesfully yet, negative results are great to report to! This section should include tables, plots, and example system outputs where applicable.
  7. Attribution: For each of your team mates, write a couple sentences describing their main contributions to the project.

What to Submit

Submit the following to Gradescope:

  • milestone1.pdf which contains your project proposal. To make grading easier, your proposal should include section headers corresponding to each of the bulleted points as well. While not required, we highly recommend that you use LaTeX. You may choose to use the template from the Association for Computational Linguistics.

Prepare the following for class:

  • A three minute “lightning” presentation giving an update of the coolest/most intesting things you’ve mamagaed to accomplish so far. Since we’ll be doing this over voice call, elect 1 of your teammates to give the presentation.