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Term Project ideas

State tracking in the world

One place where older Infocom-style text adventure games do better than modern games like AI Dungeon 2 is in their ability to keep track of the state of the world. What objects are in the player’s inventory? What room are we in? Where can we go from here? What tools are required to unlock a door?

Changing from 3rd person to 1st or 2nd person perspectives

Actual Play

Use Google’s speech to text API to create transcripts of of Actual Play Podcasts, and then fine-tune GPT2 so that it can play a role playing game or be the Game Master. Chris or Daphne may be able to get you some research credits on the Google Cloud if you’d like to do this at large scale.



You are God. It’s your job to create the heavens and the earth. Everything is formless and empty. It is dark now.

>“Let there be light.”

There is now light. A new day starts. It’s morning. The new sun shines down on an empty planet.

>“Make an ocean.”

You create an ocean. The Earth’s surface is now covered in water. The sun shines off the water’s surface.

>“Create some continents.”

Several contients raise out of the ocean’s depths. There are now continuous expanses of land. They have nothing on them.

>“Cover the continents in plants.”

The land is now covered in vegetation. There are seed-bearing plants and trees that bear fruit.

>Eat some fruit.

You pluck an apple from a tree and consume it. It tastes divine. There is a seed in your mouth.

>Swallow seed.

Star Trek text adventure

Model the mechanics of the ship, NPCs have designated roles like science officer, etc.

“Puzzle”/challenge generation from Wikihow


Generate from schema / Extract schema / match schema

Poetry Generator

Compelling NPCs

Modelling time