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This is the in-class activity for Thursday March 3.
The materials that you will need for this in-class activity are:

In Class Activity: WordNet Schemas

In this assignment, you will be getting hands-on experience with working with WordNet and manipulating the data. Pretend that you (or, rather, your agent) are in the middle of playing a text adventure game. Different characters are asking for various items, but you don’t have the exact items. You will be using WordNet to form schemas of your inventory items and going your representations to find the most similar item.

What to do

  1. Download WordNetSchemas.ipynb. OR Save a copy of the colab here: (Select File > Save a Copy in Drive from the Colab menu)
  2. Fill in the TODOs.
  3. Submit your work to Gradescope by Thursday, March 10, 2022 before 11:59PM.